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Argentina succumbs to Palestinian, BDS pressure, cancels Israel soccer match

Israeli soccer fans were devastated after learning that Argentina succumbed to intense Palestinian pressure — including threats against one of Argentina’s star players — and pulled out of a friendly pre-World Cup match against Israel.

Evangelicals in Brazil show strong support for Israel in annual March for Jesus

Some 2 million Brazilians and other pilgrims from Argentina, Mexico, the United States and some African countries who attended the March for Jesus waved Israeli flags and prayed for the Jewish state in the parade that stretched 2.5 miles through the city.

‘Terror kites’ causing massive fires in southern Israel

Palestinian jihadists in the Gaza Strip set more than 40 fires over the weekend using incendiary kites carrying explosives and burning fuel.

Marty Goetz and Misha’s live concert in Jerusalem

Only in Israel can one experience a Messianic concert in a city dotted with minarets. So after the evening Muslim call to prayer ended, Marty and Misha walked onto the stage. Three songs stood out to me that night.

My quest for a miracle

Daniel writes, "As I look back on my four years of college skepticism, I now see the evidence of our faith as, almost a tsunami of evidence, an overwhelming flood of evidence (as Josh McDowell says)."

Etched in Stone: A Bible-based guide to archaeology and Israel

Israel is home to some of the world's greatest archaeological treasures and scientists often link their direct finds to the Bible. Now you can make those same connections in a new book that provides an easy guide to match ancient artifacts with scripture.

Tentative quiet after dozens of rockets fired at Israel in 24 hours

For the first time since the war with Gaza in 2014, Palestinians launched barrages of rockets and mortars from Gaza on Tuesday breaking nearly four years of quiet on Israel’s southern border.

Alignment with Jerusalem: The 70 year shift has begun (Part 2)

Sandra writes, "Thankfully, as followers of Messiah in Israel and around the world pray, some nations are changing. We should be encouraged to keep praying more, not less."

PART II : A Jew, a Christian and the Emperor – How a picture...

Shira writes, "By the strangest coincidence, a chance meeting of the Jewish leader with Europe's royal leader was turned into a massive media success that touched the political world and established a future State of Israel. The god of this world's centuries-long preparation to destroy the Jewish people failed again. God uses whom He will."

Gaza protests long over since last week’s uprising

Protests that had been ongoing for six weeks in Gaza and culminated last week to coincide with the opening of the American embassy Jerusalem have all but fizzled out completely.