Testimony Videos

Video testimonies or personal stories of Israeli believers or Jewish believers living outside of living or any personal story related to Israel.


VIDEO: Michael, an Israeli Jewish guy who found Yeshua!

"I was in 3rd grade and I said to myself, everyone's just doing this to please the teacher. No one is really doing it for God."

VIDEO: Ron Cantor had to experience a miracle to believe Jesus is his Messiah

"I was very protective of my Jewishness even though I didn't know God."

VIDEO: The spiritual journey of Jewish Israeli Pastor Eitan Kashtan

"I tried to prove their Bible was wrong, but maybe it was time to open my mind."  

VIDEO: Free from guilt, Don Finto’s testimony

Don Finto shares his personal testimony about being freed from guilt and receiving the self image of Yeshua.

VIDEO: Just before giving up on her life, Liat saw a shining figure!

The trauma of the Holocaust has profoundly affected generations of Jewish people - but there is no trauma that Yeshua cannot heal! Agree?

VIDEO: “Dad, Where was God in the Holocaust?”

"We'd always ask, Dad, where was God in the Holocaust? How is it that after going through the Holocaust you can believe in God?...

VIDEO: Jewish son of Holocaust survivor finds Jesus

Ze’ev, grow up in Jerusalem, to a father who lost his faith in the Holocaust, find faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

VIDEO: A Jewish Israeli radio broadcaster finds Jesus

"Before that moment I wasn't sure if God existed or not, but from that second onwards..."

VIDEO: Jewish Israeli pop idol star, Birgitta Veksler, finds Jesus

After success on a TV talent show (“Pop Idol”), Birgitta Veksler felt on top of the world… but a near death experience brought her...

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