Testimony Videos

Video testimonies or personal stories of Israeli believers or Jewish believers living outside of living or any personal story related to Israel.


VIDEO: Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer who found Jesus

Dr. Jeffrey Seif is a Jewish police officer who holds two doctoral degrees. Watch his story of how he discovered Jesus to be the...

VIDEO: Jewish Dr. Dauermann found Jesus to be the door to real Jewish life

"Yeshua for me is the door to a more passionate engagement with the Jewish life."

VIDEO: Jewish Brooke was “taken” into heaven to meet God

Jewish Brooke was "taken" into heaven (in a dream) to meet God and the vision she saw was life changing!

[VIDEO] Interview with Messianic IDF Soldier that served in Gaza

Dorian Kim is a young Korean that grew up in Israel and speaks fluent Hebrew. He interviews his childhood friend, Evan, a Gaza war veteran. It's a personal story but based on truth without distortion.

VIDEO: “The children would beat me and call me a dirty Jew”

Vladimir grew up surrounded by anti-Semitism, even though he was raised an atheist Jew, but little did he know that God would use his...

VIDEO: Jewish woman’s fight against tradition

Diane never expected all the questions she had as a little Jewish girl would be answered by the least likely book of all. She...

VIDEO: Jewish Avi’s story from darkness to the light of the world

Growing up as an Ethiopian Jew, Avi suffered from racism and legalism. Just before giving up on God, he found the way, the truth,...

VIDEO: The doctors were in shock – the cancer had disappeared!

Late 2015, Eitan Bar, Moti Vaknin and Anastasia received a request to come to a hospital and pray for a child who lost his...

VIDEO: Testimony of Jonathan Ben-David

Jewish Jonathan Ben-David forgave his Killer and you would not believe why!